World Prematurity Day 2019

On November 17th, Outreach Women and Children’s Hospital observed World Prematurity Day 2019, which is a day set aside by global health bodies to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm care.


Premature/preterm babies are babies born too soon, babies born before 37 completed weeks of gestation.


15 million babies are born prematurely worldwide with around 1 million of these number dying from preterm related complications. Premature birth is the leading cause of death for children under age 5 worldwide with a mortality rate higher in most developing economies like Nigeria.


World Prematurity Day 2019


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For over 9 years, Outreach Women and Children’s Hospitals has strived to save the lives of these vulnerable babies against all odds and lack of institutional support. In spite of these challenges, the group has successfully nursed over 500 premature babies and the most recent and delicate one being a case of a baby girl delivered at 24 weeks with a birth weight of 850gm or 0.85kg which our team successfully managed.

WPD Walk


Cases like this rarely survive in this part of the world where there’s little or no provisions made in managing those preterms even worse when they are born in a gestational age that is less than Nigerians age of viability.


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Baby inside NICU


Despite the odds the multidisciplinary team of neonatal specialist at Outreach Hospital’s NICU ( Neonatal intensive care unit ) have continued in managing cases like the above by continually investing in our human resources through adequate training and modern technology to maintain the excellence that we are known for already in saving the lives of babies through our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( NICU )


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To mark this year World Prematurity Day, the hospital organized a health walk around Festac and it’s enviros to create awareness around prematurity issue and also organized a preterm party for its preterm graduates who came in large numbers with their parents.

WPD Walk Pictures


Speaking during the event, our CEO Dr Efunbo Dosekun noted that the burden of prematurity might be more in developing countries like  Nigeria, considering that preterm born in home-based care were not usually accounted for.


Outreach CEO Dr Efunbo Dosekun


Dr Efunbo added that innovations in neonatal service delivery were already being adopted in developed countries for the care of preterm babies. She urged governments to work with specialists in the private sector so that the health system could be more responsive to the needs of babies born prematurely.


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Outreach COO


The highlight of the event was the presentation of awards to their partner hospitals and gifts from our sponsors to their graduates’ preterm babies alongside their parents.




World Prematurity Day Awareness Walk and Preterm Party
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