World Hepatitis Day 2019 Outreach Hospital Health Walk.

World Hepatitis Day 2019

28th of July every year is observed globally as World Hepatitis Day, a day set aside to create awareness, encourage the prevention, diagnose and treatment of the disease.

For this year’s campaign, WHO is urging all countries and partners to focus on the elimination of the disease with the theme “Find the missing million and invest in eliminating of hepatitis

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Outreach Women and Children Hospital lead hundreds of its staffs on a health walk through the streets of Festac to sanitize the members of the public on the need to get tested for Hepatitis.

Outreach Hospital World Hepatitis Day 2019

What is Viral Hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver tissue. There are five groups of the disease, A, B, C, D and E. The disease is a silent killer because most people do not know the symptoms and often do not get diagnosed until late stages of the disease.

Over 95 percent of hepatitis-related deaths are caused by chronic hepatitis B and C infections, while hepatitis A and E rarely cause life-threatening illness Hepatitis D is an additional infection occurring in people living with hepatitis B.

World Hepatitis Day 2019 Health Walk

World Hepatitis Day 2019 Outreach Health Walk

The walk which started from the hospital head office at 4th Avenue by 3rd Avenue junction saw the group lead by its CEO / MD Dr Efunbo Dosekun alongside the hospital COO Dr Ebitanmi Segun walking through 23 Road, 52 Road, 51 Road, 22 Road, 32 Road  3rd Avenue and back to the hospital.

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Nigeria and Hepatitis

Nigeria is one of the 67 countries with a high burden of hepatitis B and C. In Nigeria, there are no official statistics of the total number of people affected by hepatitis B and C but it’s estimated that about 20 – 30 million Nigerians are infected with Hepatitis. with a prevalence rate of 11.2 percent and 2.0 percent respectively.

While some countries like Egypt, India, Pakistan among others are beginning to make strategic moves to end the disease by offering free testing and treatment for Both Hepatitis B and C, Nigeria is still lagging behind as testing is unavailable at some health centers especially in the rural areas.

A major cause of the spread of the disease in Nigeria stems from lack of knowledge about the disease, poor health-seeking behavior as most Nigerians do not do medical checks, delivering babies at home and circumcision by unqualified hands, vertical transmission from infected mother to her child among others.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to lead the walk and create the required awareness about the disease.



Pregnant Women and Hepatitis Transmission 

As a women and children hospital, we take particular interest in the issue of hepatitis transmission between infected mother and her child, this was stressed by our in-house Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor Edward Emuveyan. According to him, every woman who is pregnant should know their Hepatitis B status. They should know whether they are Hepatitis B positive or negative.

If you’re negative, we will counsel you on how to remain negative and get vaccinated, if you’re positive then we will give you immunization that will ensure that the hepatitis B is not transferred to the unborn child.

So every pregnant woman must know whether they are Hepatitis B positive or not in other not to transfer the disease to the unborn child.

To back the above up, we are offering free Hepatitis B screening across our branches in Lagos ( Festac , Okota and Satellite town ) for the members of the public to get the required education and screening for Hepatitis B and get vaccinated.


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The message remains simply – Get Tested – Get Vaccinated

Want to know more how you can benefit from our free Hepatitis B screening campaign? Then call this number 08024327713 / or chat us up on whatsapp on: +234 8183803643


Outreach Hospital Founder and CEO Dr Efunbo Dosekun

Where To Get Hepatitis Screening and Vaccines in Lagos Nigeria

Outreach Women and Children Hospital Festac
4th Avenue by 3rd Avenue Junction, Festac Town, Lagos.

Call: +234 8024327713, +234 7062180964, +234 8135996675, 07089758800,  +234 7068504696

WhatsApp: +234 8183803643

Outreach Women and Children Hospital Okota Isolo
125 Okota Road. Opp Slot. Okota. Isolo. Lagos.
Call: 014532865, +234 8068838225

Outreach Specialist Hospital Satellite Town
23. Community Road, Beside First Bank,Abule ado. Satellite Town
Call: 07018179085 08035187189


Do you Know Your Hepatitis Status

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