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Access To Quality Health Care For Just N1’000 MONTHLY.

Outreach Community Life Centre is designed to deliver primary healthcare to underserved communities comprising of low-income earners who ordinarily are unable to afford good healthcare services. Healthcare will be delivered to them using a bundled approach that includes:

  • Outreach Community Health Insurance.
  • Basic Health Package
  • Basic Education.
  • Microfinance.
  • Business Advisory.

This bundle will be financed using a Community Health Insurance Model. This model will have a capitation for at least 2000 members at

  • N1000/member/month. OR
  •  N5000/family of 6/month.


About Outreach Hospital

Outreach Women and Children’s Hospital has been in operations for 9 years. We presently have 3 branches of our hospital in Festac, Okota, and Satellite which is a Community Life Centre.

We are passionate about promoting a Nigeria with healthy citizens and are fulfilling a current need in the maternal, pediatrics and neonatal health system in Nigeria.

We are well-known experts in pediatrics and neonatology services.

  • INDIVIDUAL     N1’000.
  • FAMILY OF 6:   N5’000
  • Group Registration of more than 50.
  • Yearly Premium Option Available.

23, Community Road, Satellite Town Lagos.

PHONE: 08035187189

Outreach Community Health Insurance

Health Promotion Services

BP Checks, Blood Sugar Checks, Nutritional Counselling, Cervical, Cancer Screenings, Hepatitis Screenings, and Exercise Clubs.

  • General OPD Clinic
  • Low Back Pain Clinic
  • Wellness Clinic.
  • Treatment of minor injuries.
  • Obesity Clinic.
  • Children Nutrition Service.
  • Primary Care Diabetic Clinic.
  • Primary Care Hypertension Clinic.

Health Prevention Services

NPI Immunizations, Hepatitis vaccines etc. Treatment of Basic Common Ailments: Malaria, Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, Minor Injuries etc.

  • Health Education
  • Antenatal Care
  • Basic Emergency care.
  • Early Child Crèche.
  • Microloans (up to N20,000) .
  • Business Advisory.
  • Access to Treated Water.
  • Access to Solar Power to charge electronic gadgets.

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