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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides varying levels of care for babies that are born too soon, too small and sick babies.

Babies in our neonatal unit are inborn and outborn. The outborn babies are referred to us from by over 28 maternity hospitals in Lagos.

We encourage inutero transfer if it is anticipated that there is a high risk immediate resuscitation. Delivery of resuscitation can be provided within 1 min of life.



What is neonatal intensive care unit

This is a special unit/area of the hospital that combines advanced technology and trained health care professionals to provide specialized care  24/7 care to infants who are born prematurely, experience difficulties during delivery or show critical health problems.

This unit normally comprises of a board base medical team of neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners who are specialist in this area of medical practice.

Which babies requires neonatal care?

Normally babies born too soon ( premature babies ) (born before 30 weeks of pregnancy), have low birth weight (less than 5.5 pounds), or have a medical condition that requires special care.

What and what will i find in a neonatal unit?

Usually you see different types of machines and different tubes attached to a baby in a neonatal unit. Some of those are

Baby warmers ( an incubator )
Normally used to keep your baby warm and sometimes controls the moisture level (humidity) around him.

Monitors in a neonatal unit are usually attached to the babies and used to track their condition from minute to minute, and show the results on a screen. Some of the conditions being tracked includes but not limited to ( Heart rate , blood pressure, breasting, temperature and oxygen levels of the baby )

Others are

Normally used to get fluids, medicines or nutrition to the baby as may be needed.

Special lights

Use mainly for babies that have jaundice which is usually common in newborns and it turns the skin yellow. It happens when a substance called bilirubin builds up faster than the baby’s body can get rid of it.

The special light phototherapy helps your baby break down the bilirubin, until he can do it on his own. Your baby may be placed under a phototherapy light that shines above him, or on a blanket that shines the light on his back.

Various Neonatal Interventions

Level  3a NICU Care

For babies born 25 – 29 weeks who require intensive care inclusive of full mechanical ventilation, continued hemodynamic monitoring and total parental nutrition.

Level 2 NICU Care

For babies from 29 – 34-week sick babies who need NCPAP, total parental nutrition and continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.

Level 1b Care

is for low dependency babies such as the late pre-term >34 weeks – 37 weeks, and stepped down care for sick babies and moderate neonatal jaundice.

3 day baby check

Routine assessment of babies at 3day. Checking for neonatal illness , jaundice , congenital abnormalities, breast feeding capability and mother’s physiological state.

Jaundice in babies’ programs

A formal service for prevention and treatment of neonatal jaundice.

Neonatal screening hearing test

Using a otoacoustic emission test we are able to detect hearing loss in a baby

Neonatal immunization Service at term:

including hepatitis B, OPV and BCG.

Neonatal minor surgery

Ear piercing, circumcision, and polydactyl excision minor surgeries

Including Neonatal surgery by an advanced neonatal surgical team. Operations carried out – intestinal obstruction relief and repair, pyloric stenosis repair, heirna repair etc.

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