Immunization Services


Outreach Women and Children Hospital immunization services are aimed at promoting preventive care in society.

Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease. Vaccines stimulate the body’s own immune system to protect the person against subsequent infection or disease.
By Immunizing yourself and family today, you will get

Protection for yourself and family against common diseases.

Protects future generations.

Saves time and money through preventive care.

Immunization-Services and Schedule at Outreach Hospital Lagos

Adult Vaccines Available At Outreach Hospital

Chicken Pox

Recommended for

Adults who have not been immunised as children.

Hepatitis A & B

Recommended For

For all adults.


Recommended For

All Adults


Recommended For



Recommended For

All Adults


Recommended For

Adults but mainly healthcare workers, farmers, veterinary services

Typhoid Fever

Recommended For

All Adults.

Yellow Fever

Recommended For

All Adults but mainly adults living in or travelling to an endemic area

You can vaccinate yourself and family at any of our branches in Lagos. Our immunization days are mostly on Saturdays.

To learn more call any of these numbers 07019728970, 08135996675,  014532865, 07018179085 or visit any of our branches in the addresses below


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Our Locations

You can have your immunizations done at any of our branches below.

Head Office

Festac, 4th Avenue by 3rd Avenue Junction.

Festac Town

Lagos Nigeria.

Satellite Town

Outreach Specialist Hospital,

23. Community Road, Beside First Bank,

Abule ado. Satellite Town.

Lagos Nigeria.

Okota Branch

Outreach Women and Children Hospital,

125 Okota Road. Opp Thrillers.

Okota. Isolo. Lagos.

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