Domestic Staff Screening


Checking on the health of those we trust to look after our household is a very important issue.


Because we trust them to
– Attend to our kids
– Cook our meals.
– And engage in all kinds of domestic activities that affect our entire wellbeing and safety.

This is where Outreach Domestic Staff Screening comes in

We currently have two packages under our Domestic Staff Screening Check.

– Food Handlers:

Which covers every set of domestic staffs ( cooks, house helps & nannies ) that work within private homes/organizations to clean, cook, provide care to children, the elderly, disabled individuals and other forms of care that will involve close contact with members of the family.

– Pre-employment Screening.

Undergoing the above screening ensures that your staffs have a clean bill of health and are able to carry out their duties without endangering any members of your family.

Health Screening for nanny in Lagos
Health Checks for Domestic Staffs in Nigeria

Our Domestic Health Check Packages

Pre-Employment Test

Our pre-employment package covers the following test

  • FBC
  • Hepatitis B
  • TB – Mantoux
  • HIV
  • Vitals (weight, height, BP, temp & BMI)

Cost For Pre-employment Health Screening

Food Handlers

  • Widal
  • TB-Mantoux
  • Urinalysis
  • HIV / Hep B
  • Vitals check (weight, height, BP, temp & BMI)

Food Handlers Screening cost test



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