Corporate health Services

Corporate Health Services

Outreach Corporate health services is designed to meet the unique health care needs of employers and their employees. We work with Health Management Organizations ( HMO’s ) as well as Individual companies to provide Health Care Services for its clients/employees.

Employers Benefit

  • It will help provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employee

  • Quarterly Health Training/Promotion to the employees

  • Healthier and happier employees, better team morale

  • Reduced loss of productivity days.

Employees Benefit

  • Increased convenience – saves valuable time for even their busiest key employees

  • The knowledge that their company genuinely cares about their health & wellness

  • Personal health & wellness plans tailored to each of their unique needs

  • Access to specialist consultations and more when they need it

Core Benefit of Outreach Corporate Health Services

HMOs place importance on preventative measure, spending money on keeping those enrolled healthy to avoid higher healthcare costs later.

Therefore as a Health care provider we help the HMOs provide a top notch care to its clients within their range of coverage for health care.

For the individual companies, we provide health care to its employees at a very cost effective rate.

How to sign up for this

A company can either sign up with any of the Health Management Organization we are affiliated to or sign up with Outreach Women and Children Hospital under the Retainership program.

We are committed to providing the best care to employees and assisting employers in creating safer, more productive workplaces.  For more information reach us on any of the numbers below

Outreach Festac: 08149401042 | 08067644530

Outreach Okota:  09029570715 | 01 453 2865

Outreach Satellite Town: 08035187189

WhatsApp: 08183803643



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