3 Main Reasons Why You Should Screen Your Domestic Staff

3 Main Reasons Why You Should Screen Your Domestic Staff

We employed domestic help and open our world and that of our extended families to them. We give them access to the most important aspect of our lives. We allow them to

  • Prepare our meals
  • Take care of our kids (both newborns and teens)
  • Take care of most domestic chores that affect the most sensitive parts of our lives.

If we are to give people that we barely know access to everything that pertains to our lives, then it’s important that we put them through some fundamental screenings like a proper medical examination to ascertain their wellbeing, and ensures they are medically and mentally fit to discharge their duties accordingly.


3-Main Reasons Why You Should-Screen Your Domestic Staff

This set of screenings for domestic workers should be conducted as part of the initial pre-employment formalities and should be repeated at different intervals to re-validate their state of health for the good of both the employer and the employee.


1 Ensures that you and your family are safe.

This is the primary reason for conducting medical screenings for our intended domestic staffs. Their safety is your own safety. By conducting this screening, you ensure that any findings that will endanger you and family are taking care of.


2 Lifestyle change and better health outcome for the staff

Knowing one’s health status is reassuring, it gives one confidence to carry on with their daily life’s. Knowing the health status of your staff will help you encourage him or her to imbibe good lifestyle that will improve on their wellbeing.

Medical Screening For Domestic Staff

3 Prevention is cheaper than cure.

When you check the health status of your staffs before employing them, you have taken one of the first most important steps in preventive medicine which is far cheaper than cure.


What Types of Health Checks Can Do for Your Staffs?

 1 General Pre-employment test:

This is a mandatory medical screening that is used in establishing the baseline health status of an employee before they are engaged. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions of would be staffs which could be of adverse effect in the workplace. Tests normally covered here include but not limited to

– Full Blood count


– Hepatitis B & C

– VDRL Screening

– Stool Analysis

– Blood Group

– Mental health

– Dental check and

– Eye check.


 House Helps Medical Screening


3 Food Handlers Check:

This is a must for cooks, stewards, nannies, restaurant and all forms of domestic staffs that will come in contact with food in their respective workplace

– Widal

– TB mantoux

– Hepatitis B & C

– Urinalysis Screening

– Stool Analysis

– Vital body checks

– Mental health

The above and more are the reason why we should take the needed precautionary steps in ensuring that our staffs have screened before employment.


Health Checks for Domestic Staffs

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